Monday, August 23, 2010

Visiting A Chinese Family In Dalian – Another Fantastic Shore Excursion!

On our cruise to the Orient on the Sapphire Princess included a stop in Dalian where a high point of our day was to visit a Chinese woman in her home and visit with her for awhile.

That experience came later in the day. First we had a few other stops. It was a very busy day. No big narration for this particular blog… I think I will just put up photos and caption them.

I'll save the fish market, the zoo, and the childrens school visits for another blog at another time.  I'll start with photos of the niegborhood as we arrive in our bus to visit a Chinese home and the lady of the house... her husband was at work and her son was off in the military I think...
Street picture as we get close to our destination.

It could be a street in my old neighborhood back home...

Now we are walking along the sidewalk for a block or two before finding her house...

There were a number of these vendors along the way selling their wares...

Here is the entrance to her home.

Members of our tour group in the Living room and or family room.

Another view of the same room... that is our interpreter...

Same room... let's call it the pink room... that poor husband...

This little tiny room... about 4 feet x 6 feet... was the sun room.

This doorway lead to the kitchen.

Here we are in the kitchen.

A view of the ktichen from the other end.  The house was so tiny it was hard to get any good photos.

I think this was her sons room before he joined the military... I'd of joined the military too

I don't know why, but the ceiling was decorated.

Well, thats about it for the visit to a Chinese family home in Dalian China.  We were all told before the cruise we should bring a small gift for the hosstes in appreciation for her showing us her home.  We gave her a really nice little jewelery box made of wood, and it looked like it would fit nicely into her collection.