Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruise Ship Food From Our Millennium Cruise On The Mediterranean

I'm a big fan of cruise ship food.  What I wouldn't give to be able to eat like when I was younger... I used to be able to down a Big Mac, a Fillet O Fish, a large order of fries, and a chocolate milkshake in one sitting. Not any more!  Now days if I have a hot dog for lunch I won't be able to eat dinner.

Can you imagine having to walk by the buffet about 20 times a day just wishing I could this or that.  I love Chinese food, Mexican Food, pasta of all kinds, cheeseburgers, heck, I like everything.  Kathy and I like to sit at the late sitting dinners at a large table with a bunch of people.  We always end up making new friends and having a great time.

So I try to get by the buffet at least once a day and take a dab of this and a dab of that just to taste all the amazing looking food.

Once or twice on the cruise Kathy and I like to get up in time for breakfast at the buffet... although starting the day on a full stomach is unusuall for us, what the heck... it's a cruise!

Some cruise ships like the Millennium have "omlet bars" where you can have a custom made omlet... This is one of Kathy's favorites.

A nice variety of breakfast rolls and breads

Zulpubor our waiter recommending which desserts we should sample this evening - every night Z gave us the rundown on what was 1 2 3 and 4 on the desert tray.  Zulpubor, no I can't pronounce his name, was a great waiter.  He was from Turkey and was not only a great waiter but could do magic tricks and was a master napkin folder...

I'm tellin ya... he could really fold those napkins...

Lobester tail and baked potato... One of the neat things about eating in the dinning room is that if you want more it's no problem... Kathy alwasy has at least two lobster tails.  Once when her 6 foot 5 inch 230 pound son had about 6 of them and it was no problem for the dinning room.

This was our buffet lunch at the Meena Hotel in Cairo, within eye shot of the great Egyptian Pyramids!

This was a tiny little restaurant in Monaco... Kathy claimed her salad had the best blue cheese she had ever eaten!  I was apparently having spagetti. 

This was a neat little market we stumbled on while shopping in the back side streets of Kusadasi....

The ship had a night called "The Grand Buffet" which was quite a big deal... at least for the food staff.

The ice sculpture means that it is now time for me to go take a couple of Tums antacid tablets...