Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visiting The Ancient Coliseum In Rome

I just downloaded piccassa 3 from google and wow... there are all my photos from all the cruises we've taken.  As I browse though the photos I realize what a poor job we've done putting the photos up on the website.  Oh well.

I thought I would post a few of the pics I find that I like... otherwise no one will ever see them.  I was terribly impressed with the coliseum when we were there on a shore excursion during our Mediterranean cruise ship vacation aboard the Millennium. So here are a few photos of the coliseum that we took during the trip.

We didn't really have a lot of time for things in Rome. Had to see the Vatican City, Museum, and Sistine Chapel.  It was a very busy day.
The Coliseum is one huge structure. Amazing
what they could do in Ancient Rome.

Kathy taking movies of the inside of
the coliseum.  Look how big it is.

See all those people on that bridge over the
center of the floor of the coliseum.  Down below
they actually did have cages for lions and all
that stuff. Underneath the floor of the coliseum is quite
complex and full of passageways and trap doors etc. 

You are seeing only half of the bottom of the coliseum.

Ancient Pompeii - A Must See For Any World Traveler

Ancient Pompeii must have been something to behold.  The ruins at Pompeii are truly amazing.  And I'm not talking about the plaster casts of the dead people and animals that are the trademark of Pompeii so-to-speak.

The technology they had several thousand years ago was pretty amazing. We visited the home of a wealthy citizen of Pompeii, and the house was large and ornate to say the least.  Beautiful fresco's on the walls of the rooms.  Fountains in the gardens fed by lead pipes. The pipes even had shut off valves

There was a brothel with the various sexual positions carved into the walls. We were told that most of the prostitutes that worked in the brothels were foreign and hence the carvings.  The customer could just point at what he wanted. LOL

Pompeii has public baths, public fountains, and bakery's with brick ovens. There are deep ruts in the streets from the chariot wheels. 

In those days the streets were full of raw sewage, and every so often you can see very tall stepping stones leading across the street and the side walks are very tall as well. This is so you did not have to walk in raw sewage.

One of the many plaster casts of the victims of the Mount Vesuvius Eruption

Another of those casts....

Street scene in Pompeii... see those stepping stones?

The inside of one of the rooms of a wealthy man's home in Pompeii - Beautiful fresco's on the walls.

The trip to Pompeii was definitely one of the best shore excursion I've been on. There is a bit of walking, but hey... I can still walk at this point. 

Our First Morning In Europe - Coffee in London England

For the last hour or so I've been browsing through our website, noting the errors, but being the lazy being that I am, ignoring most of them. I fix the serious ones when I spot them. Speaking of spotting images... some of these photos bring back really fine memories... So I though I would share a few highlights of our first day in Europe for our cruise aboard HAL's Oosterdman. It was a Baltic cruise visiting places like Russia, Estonia, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc.

 Photo of the street in London as we took our first morning walk in Europe
Our first morning in England on the
way to our Baltic Cruise Vacation!

The first morning in Europe - London England to be more specific

Garbage Truck London England
A garbage truck in London England

We got up and decided to take a walk and find some coffee. We started off down the street and found a nearby cafe where we had coffee sitting outside at a table. The coffee was great, in fact Kathy liked it so much she now buys it here at home in Portland Oregon. The brand is Illy. As we sat there a garbage truck rolled up across the street. It struck me that life didn't appear all that much different than back home.

 Ornate sculptures on the buildins in london

The buildings were certainly more ornate. Sculptures and stuff all over the place. And of course, the buildings were for the most part very old. This Baltic cruise was starting out quite well. We spent a couple of days in London before we sailed and saw all the traditional "must sees" like the changing of the guard, the tower of London, and Harrods department store. LOL

 Great photo of London England looking down from the top of the London Eye Ferris Wheel

And that was just the beginning of an Amazing once-in-a-lifetime cruise ship vacation.  Did you know that there is a McDonald's restaurant on Red Square in Moscow!