Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Sunny HOT day in St Thomas

Igor was not in evidence anywhere near St Thomas. It was just HOT there.

We tied up at Havensight about 7AM and shortly thereafter we saw the Oasis heading for the other dock (crown bay?) followed by the Epic which was pushed into the harbor by a tug boat. The Epic was docking in back of us and stern to stern. From our aft balcony, it seemed to come closer and closer and closer with no signs of stopping. As we were thinking we could shake hands with the people in the aft balconies on it, the thrusters kicked in and they went sideways to the dock. They left about 6 or 7 feet between the ships but it was amazing to me the way they handle these ships. Later in the morning, the Freedom of the Seas tied up in back of the Epic .. but that captain left a lot of room!

We met Godfrey’s Tours outside of the port and embarked on a day of shopping, sightseeing, banana daiquiris and beach time. We met our open air vehicle about 9 and Pete, our driver, immediately took us downtown for shopping, until 12:00 which was plenty of time to buy a ring and have it sized .. so far the day was looking good! Unfortunately it was pretty much downhill (or I should say up and down hill and around bends) from there.

We were taken on a sightseeing tour, but we couldn’t understand a word of what was said over the loudspeaker so I have no details of what we saw. Mountaintop has burned down and the reconstruction is no yet complete, so we stopped at a botanical garden for banana daiquiris and then on to Megan’s Bay for the beach.

When we arrived at Megan’s Bay they wanted $4.00 per person and we were only going to be there an hour.. we said no so Pete took us to Sapphire Beach. Both of these beaches were extremely crowded so some of the crowd stayed at the beach and the rest of us returned to the ship.

It took almost an hour to get back through the traffic. It just was a day that never quite jelled into what we were expecting but hey I got that ring so it was not a total loss.

We returned to the ship, and by the way did you hear me mention anything about food in the above paragraph? No? That is because when we returned to the ship at around 4PM we hadn’t had any food all day so it was off to the buffet .. oh wait .. it isn’t open. So we got a piece of pizza (mushroom, roasted garlic and something else.. quite tasty ) and went back to the room to relax until time to get ready for dinner.

We left port late because we had to wait for the Epic to leave first. It managed to slide out between ships and sail away and then we were off. St Thomas was beautifully lit up as we sailed away.

Dinner was a mixed bag. One of the items on the menu was “Assorted Sea Food in Newburg Sauce” and the description said black tiger shrimp and scallops so I ordered that. I started with the Cream of Potato soup which was fantastic. Then they brought the Newburg and it had Mussel shells on top and was full of mussels which I truly dislike. So I sent it back and had a bowl of the potato soup for dinner. Those that like mussels said it was really good but I would not have enjoyed it.

After two days of sun and sun .. we were tired. After dinner, we sat outside of the Ocean Plaza and talked for awhile with our new friends and then called it a night.

Today was a sea day. I think I mentioned earlier that I love sea days. This is the part of vacation where I can sleep in and just relax. The weather was perfect, not to hot and a nice breeze. We just sat outside and enjoyed the rocking and rolling of the ship and it has been rocking and rolling a lot today.

Tomorrow I will try to post a wrap up and summary of the good and the so-so and the not so good on this cruise. We have had a great time!