Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Winds of St Maarten …

Today we arrived in St Maarten at 11 AM and met Diane from the Random Wind for a day of sailing, snorkeling and overall FUN. The weather was absolutely perfect with lovely breezes and a few clouds for random shade.

We walked over to the boats (our group had reserved a sailboat and a catamaran for the day) which was the only low point of the entire day. It was a longer walk in the heat and with my bad feet than I had realized it would be. I made it, but just barely and immediately took the glass of ice water offered and poured it over my head!!

Bill and I were on the sailboat which had a lovely shady area. Trevor and Diane were the crew (and she is the owner) and they treated us fabulously. We sailed around past the famous airport where obliging planes were landing and taking off, always a fun sight, to a beautiful cove where we anchored for some snorkeling or swimming and one of the best meals of the cruise. Diane had prepared a wonderful curry chicken, potato salad, relish and green salad for us and served heaping plates. The fun part was when some of the people on the catamaran couldn’t get over to the sailboat for lunch so taking two plates at a time she swam them over to them!!

After lunch, Trevor rigged a “tarzan swing” and those that wished swung out over the water and dropped in. It was hilarious to watch all the middle aged people playing like kids. In fact it looked like so much fun I even had a go at it.

We had a shorter day than planned, but it was completely enjoyable. We sailed back to the dock and by now we had heard that there were water taxi’s available to get us back to the ship docks. I was all for that idea. We asked where the taxi could be boarded, and an obliging young man on the dock yelled over to a taxi and it came to the dock we were standing on. Ten minutes later we were back at the entrance to the port. Much more enjoyable than the walk I can assure you.

I heartily recommend Diane and the Random Wind when in St Maarten. They have a web site and if you just google it you will find them and you can make arrangements easily.