Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Caribbean Cruise On the Carnival Dream

Well, it is finally here! We booked this cruise in May of 2009 and it seemed like it would never get here but tomorrow morning at 7:30 we leave for PDX to fly to Orlando and then it is on to Port Canaveral on Friday. We will finally board the Dream on Saturday.

Today was a bit wild. I started with “the pamper-me” appointment. You know the stuff... eyebrows waxed, manicure, pedicure, hair color and cut. I am ready for my close¬-up Mr. DeMille  . Then it was off to do all of those last minute errands. The bank, the post office, last minute shopping (cat litter trays and batteries along with a darling little shirt and a wonderful fascinator made for me by Anne Bocci of the Anne Bocci Boutique) and finally the dry cleaning needed to be picked up. Whew, I am tired before I even start the packing!

Now the packing is a bit tricky. As soon as we get the suitcases out, the cats get suspicious and run for the door. They like to be in and out all day and while we are gone they are in for the duration. We do have a lovely young woman coming daily to feed and water and check the litter box but they are pretty anti-social unless it is us, so she probably won’t see them. We will be forgiven when we return, but Bill does have a bit of trouble with this particular part of traveling.

The other vital bit of business was to load up the Kindle, and download the correct books for the Kindle on the Netbook, the Kindle on the PC and the Kindle on the Iphone. Sounds redundant? Well actually not since I will read the Kindle and Bill will choose between the other devices depending on where we are and what is available. It does make it pretty convenient. I read voraciously and he reads occasionally and mostly non-fiction so I am attached to the Kindle and he is just looking for some time killing on all day flights and layovers. It should work pretty well.

I’m off to pack but look for our blog from the ship, we will try to blog every day.


Bill’s turn.

Well, tomorrow will be an ordeal. Not like going through a flood, tsunami, earthquake or hurricane, but still, across the country on Southwest Airlines… that shoots down an entire day. I suppose it’s worth it though. I am expecting to have a great time.

I’m going to try to be a little more organized than on previous cruises as far as my website goes. I plan on getting some good cruise videos of our group too. I will try to make those members who did not go jealous!

So hopefully… until tomorrow!