Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nassau on the Carnival Dream

Today we arrived in Nassau at 8:30AM and joined the Majesty of the Seas and the Oasis of the Sea in port. I have had some foot problems related to some surgery so I am not a great walker at the moment and man that is a long pier! We decided just to go to town to “see” so we walked over and walked around for a couple of blocks and returned to the ship. I don’t think that Nassau will make our top ten. When we considered the crowds, the heat, the short time in port and the walk, it seemed to us that the Dream was a much better destination for this port.

Today I tried the Tandoor Grill and I really liked it. The seasonings were not overwhelming and the humus was particularly good. Bill isn’t so enthused with Indian food and had a good sized breakfast so he declined. We didn’t really do much of anything but relax (oh that almost sounds like a vacation doesn’t it ?)

Tonight is Elegant night and I always look forward to that, and Bill of course remembers his saying “Happy Wife Happy Life” and manages to dawn the Tuxedo. Tomorrow is a sea day, so I will be posting a much more extensive review of the ship itself.

I did want to mention something that is “Good to Know” and that is luggage express. I have read and read about this but the specifics have often eluded me so without further ado :

It costs $20.00 per person. The participating airlines are American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, Continental Airlines, US Airways, United, Southwest, NWA, JetBlue, Air Canada and Alaska Airlines. You must be flying out of Orlando on the same day as debarkation in the case of Southwest, by 8PM. If you have a connection, it must have the same Airline and Booking Locator Number and only domestic flights qualify. The $20 includes priority debarkation. They take your luggage Friday night, deliver your boarding passes and valet tags Friday night and your luggage is sent directly to your final destination airport.

We will absolutely be doing this since we are flying Southwest Air and after we return home I promise to post how it goes. Wonder what boarding number we will get this way ?? Perhaps we should have a lottery on that.

More from the Dream tomorrow ….  Kathy