Friday, August 27, 2010

Visit to a Chinese Kindergarden School On A Cruise To The Orient

Third blog in a row about our shore excursion to Dalian in China.  It was a very busy day.  One of the most interesting and fun stops was at this kindergarden school.  The school had it's own little zoo.  This id a private school, one of the better and more expensive ones. They said the children begin to learn English at the age of 3.  Jeeze, I didn't even go to kindergarden until I was 5.  Interesting.

Well lets take a look at the photos...

This is our guide for the shore excursion tour for the day. His english name is Luke.  He said he was an English major in college and being a tour guide for american groups allowed him to practice is English.  The college proffessors assign English names to the students.

This is the main entrance to the school

Just inside the front gate...

Here the kids are playing in a sandbox... pretty nice.

Another shot of the sandbox

This school had it's own little zoo...

They had some chickens.

They had rabits


They even had goats.

This is a picture of the playground.

This little group of students put on a little skit for our enterainment.

More of the skit...

Talk about cute kids...

Check out the kid 2nd from the right... he has a long white beard.

And that concluded our tour of the Chinese Kindergarden school in Dalian China.