Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pearl Market in Beijing China - Sapphire Princess Cruise Review

Now that we were finally in Beijing we were anxious to visit the Pearl Market that we had heard so much about. We decided to go to the Peal Market and see what they had to sell as soon as we got checked in to our hotel.  We grabbed a cab to the market.

The bell boy who obtianed our cab for us a cab said it would be about 40 yuan for the ride. When we got to the Pearl Market I handed the cab driver 50 yuan, but he would only take 30. How odd, but nice. The ride back was during a busier time, took longer, and cost 40 yuan.  Go figure.

Well, this must be the place...

This is the 1st floor of the Peal Market... looks more like a clothing store to me.

This is the 2nd floor I think... the higher the floor the higer the prices...really.

The open booths begin to give way to enclosed shops.

No shortage of pearl necklaces...

Yes... those are big plastic bags stuffed full of pearls of all colors.

I found a balcony I could go out on near the top of the pearl market building.  This is a shot of the street below in Beijing China.

Kathy makes her move...

We were in the Peal Market so long that the sun went down while we were inside.  This is the same shot as the first one on this blog... but it looks different at night.

That's it for the Pearl Market In Beijing China on our Princess Saphire Cruise to the Orient.