Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Visit to St. Maarten - An Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Caribbean Princess

Shopping note: St. Maarten is a free port and has no local sales taxes. Prices on liquors, imported linen, quality fine perfumes and European chocolates can be as much as 50% less than those found in the U.S.

We had a private tour with our Cruise Critic friends Steve and Beth with a local guide, whose name was Joyce.

Joyce was a wonderful tour guide. She was very personable and knew everything about St. Marrten. She took us all over the island in her SUV which was air conditioned thank goodness.

We stopped and had some really good hot dogs at a hang out just past the runway at the airport, on the beach. After the tour we told her we wanted to purchase some Hawaiian shirts. She took us to a fantastic store that had some really great bargains, just the kind of stuff we were looking for...I got three very nice shirts for $20.00!

One of our first stops was to get a shot of the Caribbean Princess.  There were a lot of these spectacular views on our little private tour.

That's me on the left, then Kathy, and Beth and Steve - Cruise Critic Friends - Joyce the Guide took the photo.

These two statues were appropriately enough at the entrance to the nude beach.

Building a house on the hillside.

One of the beaches.

Look at the color of the water... it was gorgeous.

Not too crowded either...

Had some food here... the airport is a few hundred feet away... luckily it isn't all that busy of an airport.

Another inviting beach...

Joyce our guide teaches us about Sea Grapes

Look how happy Kathy is when she is shopping!

Yes, she bought this dress.

Goodbye St. Maarten... We had Fun.