Saturday, August 21, 2010

Osaka Japan - A Brief Visit to Osaka On Our Cruise to the Orient

Our orient cruise began in Osaka Japan after an 11 hour plane flight. We were exhausted by the time we arrived so we didn't see as much of Osaka as we would have liked.

We checked into the beautiful Rihga Royal Osaka Hotel and we were very impressed with our room and the hotel in general. Our hotel had about 6 or 8 restaurants in it, some Japanese and some western styule.

One thing we quickly discovered is that you don't tip in Japan.  We tried a few times, but no one will take the tip!
It was late, and we found a restaurant in the hotel, had some Japanese food, and went to bed.
 The next morning we had Western style eggs and bacon and some of the best coffee I have ever had at the hotel "Coffee Shop."

Our room in the hotel in Osaka...

This was our toilet in the hotel room... Uh... Where is the instruction manual.

This was dinner... No wonder breakfast tasted so good.

A canal that ran along in front of our hotel with nice foot paths on either side.

This was neat... you drive your car in and a forklift like thingy stacks it on one of the shelves...

There were vending machines everywhere we looked.

There was this huge complex of high end stores underneath the hotel.

We only had a few hours to walk around Osaka before we had to head out to the ship, which explains why I don't have that many photos.