Friday, July 9, 2010

Shore Excursion to the Vatican City, Museum, and St. Peter’s Basilica

Our trip to the Vatican City on our Mediterranean Cruise was memorable indeed. The Museum in particular was amazing in its vastness and seemingly endless works of art. We even got to visit the Sistine Chapel, what an experience! I mustn’t forget St. Peter’s Bassillica, which is something like 40 stories tall (440 feet).

I’m posting some of the interesting photos we took while we were there. This is kind of a short tour of our Vatican experience. I don’t know that simple photographs will do these places justice…

Here is a photo of the entrance to the Vatican… not really all that impressive.

The entrance to the Vatican City in Rome Italyentrance to the Vatican in Rome

Here we are in the courtyard just outside the museum... The Giant Globe looking piece of artwork is a matching one to one I saw in the lobby of one of the cruise ships... don't remember which one.  It was the same sculpturer though.
Art in the Vatican - Giant Golden Globe ScupltureArt in the Vatican - Globe sculpture in the courtyard at the Vatican

This is  a painting on the ceiling.  It has no depth, it is just painted that way and boy does it look real!

Just some artwork on the ceiling of the vatican museum

A room full of statues in the Vatican Museum

More paintings on the walls

St. Peter's Basillica at the Vatican City in Rome

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