Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Saphire Princess - Two Cruises On The Saphire - Both Were Excellent!

We've had the pleasure of sailing on the cruise ship Sapphire Princess twice, and both cruises were excellent!  We took our first cruise aboard the Sapphire Princess on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Maatlan, and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. 

The second cruise on the Sapphire was our trip to the Orient where we visited Osaka and Nagasaki Japan, Pusan South Korea, Vladivostok Russia, Dalian, Shanghi, and Beijing China.  The second cruise was a tad bit longer than the first one.

The Cruise Ship Sapphire Princess

Kathy and I on the Mexican Riviera

Looking down at the tender docking from
our balcaony on the Sapphire in Puerto Vallarta

Beach art along the ocean in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

And back to the ship and relax after a hard day's relaxing in Puerto Vallarta

A map of our cruise to the Orient aboard the Sapphire Princess

McDonalds in Pusan South Korea...

Guess Where!  Yep, the Great Wall of China

The Pearl Market in Beijing China... The outside anyway.

Bags full of pearls everywhere you looked.