Thursday, July 29, 2010

Santorini Greece, a Wonderful Cruise Ship Port of Call

Most cruises of the Greek Islands include a stop in Santorini. They dock in the port below Thira and you can go up the side of the volcano by cable-car, donkey or on foot if you are in good physical shape.

Santorini was one of the places we would like to visit again. No particular reason that we can put our finger on, we just had a wonderful day when we were there. We had an absolutely wonderful lunch at the top of the island. Rode the cable car up.

I was there back in 1969 just after graduating from high school. Back then there was no cable car, you had to ride donkeys up the cliff. You can still ride the donkeys, but we opted for the cable car.

The view from the cable car was amazing. As we at lunch at the top we could look down at the ship in the harbor below.

A view of the island of Santornini as seen from our cruise ship

I took this photo of Santorini from the tender bringing us in from the Crown Odyssey

Note the zigzag trail going up the side of the mountain... that's where the donkeys take you to the top.

Arriving at the top of the Island via cable car

See the Donkeys headed down the narrow path?

Thats the Crown Odyssey, Our Cruise Ship     Photo taken from the cable car.
One of the spectacular views
Another amazing view of the island

The view of our ship from our table as we ate lunch.  The thatched roofs are sun shades over the restaurant tables.

It was sometimes a little tricky finding your way around... kind of like being in a maze

And there we are... and that's all folks!