Monday, July 26, 2010

Puerto Vallarta On Our Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Oosterdam

Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican Riviera

Our Puerto Vallarta shore excursion wasn't going to be until the evening, so we had time to wander around in Pureto Vallarta and do a little shopping and sight seeing. We stopped in at Senor Forgs and had a Margarita.  In the downtown area there were paitings on display by local artrists which was interesting. 

The Oosterdam in Puerto Vallarta

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Paintings by local artists being displayed along the beach.

This pirate ship ride was a shore excursion that we passed on...

On the Catamaran headed for our evening enterainment on the island of

A shot of the front of the boat. The sun is going down as we
approached the beach where the evening festivites.

Las Caletas beach where the party takes place

Some of the enterainment

Dinner was a great Mexican buffet... and it was excellent.

A version of a Mariachi band sort of...

After dinner there was a very nice floor show at a nearby amphitheater, but
pictures werent allowed, and it got too dark to get any photos of anything else.

So Adios Amigos!