Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures of Berlin from Our Baltic Cruise on the Oosterdam

Our shore excursion to Berlin began with a 2-1/2 hour train ride to Berlin from where the Oosterdam docked in Warnemunde Germany. It was one of those 6:30 a.m. excursions. Ugh.

There wasn’t really much countryside to photograph since the train seemed to alternate between dense forest and tall dirt berms.

There were plenty of nifty stuff in Berlin; check point Charlie, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg gate and other sights.

Without further ado, here are the photos...

Boarding the train to visit Berlin on an Oosterdam shore excursion

The train had a bar and smoking car... and this is it.

This is a typical apartment building

THere were a lot of canals such as this one around town

This a marker showing were East and West Berlin were separated.

That little guardhouse behind Kathy is the original real "Checkpoint Charlie". 

Checkpoint Charlie from the other side and not so close up...

The World Famous Brandenburg Gate.  There was some sort of exhibition going on
and they had this giant soccer ball set up outside the gate.

This is the hotel were Michael Jackson dangled his son over the balcony....

This was a UNICEF tour that hat a painted bear for each of 123 countries.

We found the bear from the United States... the Liberty Bear.

Ah... I found the "Einstein Bear".

This is a church that was bombed out in the war and is now a memorial.

One of the last reminants of the Iron Curtain

 Thats all folks.