Monday, July 5, 2010

Our First Ocean Cruise - The Greek Islands on the Crown Oddyssey 10 Years Ago!

It's been 10 years since Kathy and I took our first ocean cruise. It was aboard the Crown Odyssey through the Greek Islands. Oh what a cruise that was! I grabbed a few pics of that cruise for this blog.

There I am eating a Gyros while Kathy is in an adorable little shop in Rhodes. She bought among other things, a very nice leather coat which is now in the back of a closet somewhere...

As I recall, we really enjoyed our brief visit to Rhodes. Interesting history, a fort that blew up mysteriously, gargoyles above the doorways in the narrow streets and black cats hiding on the back streets...

Kathy especially liked sitting in the outdoor cafe's and watch the rugged looking "swarthy" waiters swarming over the tourists who came in from the hot sun to have a cold beer and maybe a Greek salad.

 One of these days we will be doing another Greek Island cruise. As far as we are concerned the Mediterranean is one of the best places to take cruises. Our next cruise however is going to be to the Caribbean, not because of the destinations, but because a large group of cruising friends are all going together on a cruise. We are going for the group and not the Caribbean. If we could just get the group to upgrade a bit to the Mediterranean...

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