Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mazatlan - Shopping for Jewelry, Vanilla, and Going Para-Sailing

In Mazatlan we decide not to do a shore excursion. Kathy wanted to do some jewelry shopping and we wanted to pick up a few bottles of vanilla for a friend back home.

 Mazatlan is a quiet little seaside town catering to tourists, and is known for its jewelry stores. Judging by the number of cruise ships tied up at the dock, Mazatland must be a very popular cruise destination.

In order to get from the ship to the area where we wanted to shop required a lengthy cab ride. I think the area we went to is called "the gold zone" or somehting like that.  Kathy was looking for a specific type of gem, or jewelery made with it.

The taxi ride was one will not soon forget.  I didn't get any pictures of the fear on our faces during that cabbies wild ride.

This is a view of Mazatlan from aboard our ship.

On the dock there were plenty of Taxi cabs waiting to take cruise ship passengers where ever you want to go.

Everywhere you look there are huge buses parked... obviously the shopping area is a popular destination.

Lots of People... lots of shops... and man was it ever hot!

This mall is supposed to lead to the beach...  Looks to me like it leads to McDonalds!

This is a photo of the beach from inside a restaurant at the end of that mall.  We had to stop and have a cold one.  While we had our beer we watched the goings on at the beach.  They were selling para-sailing rides and so after we finished our beers, we walked down to get Kathy a para-sailing ride.

There's Kathy, suited up and ready for take off... 

And here is Kathly coming in for a landing....

Catching a taxi back to the cruise ship was a real pain.  But we eventually got back to the ship.

We didn't find the jewelery Kathy was looking for, but we did get a couple of bottles of vanilla for our friend and Kathy got to go para-sailing.  We had fun.