Friday, July 16, 2010

The London Eye – Like No Ferris Wheel I’ve Ever Ridden!

We were in London England for a couple of days before we had to board the cruise ship Oosterdam for our Baltic cruise. We didn’t know about the London eye, we just stumbled on it and decided we had to give it a go.

Wow. It is impressive. To begin with the danged thing is over 400 feet tall! And the gondolas or capsules each hold 25 people and during the ride you can sit down or walk around in the gondola and look out over the city of London in any directions.

From the top you can look out and see about 25 miles.

For you folks that like statistics and facts, the Ferris wheel is cantilevered over the Thames River, weighs 2,100 tons, and is taller than Big Ben.

The wheel doesn’t ever stop turning even for loading and unloading passengers. It rotates so slowly that getting on and off isn’t a problem even for the handicapped. Wheel chairs are no problem.

 London Eye Ferris Wheel
Kind of hard to miss if you happend to be walking around in downtown London England

Another view of the London Eye I took from a nearby bridge

This is a picture of Westminster bridge.

We are near the top of the wheel here... don't  look down.

Thats Kahty on the left... Inside the London Eye Capsule High above London

One of those buildings is Buckingham palace

All the little people...
A railroad bridge and a pedestrian bridge along side the bigger bridge.

And that concludes our picture tour of the London Eye.  :)