Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cruise Ship Videos – More Fun For My Website?

On the last few cruises we’ve taken I’ve dipped my toe in shooting some video. My latest camera, a cannon power shot I got free for using my credit card, takes great videos. It will shoot over an hour of video without having to download.

Now with Youtube making it so easy to upload a video and embed it in a website it seems silly not to do it. Videos can show so much more than a simple photograph.

I plan to take substantially more videos on our next cruise. For one thing it’s a cruise where we go with a group of friends cultivated at cruise critics. Our group occasionally gets together on a cruise, and this time we are going to go to the Caribbean. Not all of the group can go on every cruise, so I am sure the group members will be glad to watch videos of their friends making idiots of themselves on the cruise.

The way I see it, you take a group of friends who are on a cruise ship vacation, add a little sunshine and a lot of alcohol and stir. Should make for some really good videos.

I do admit I need to improve my videographer skills… Check out the primitive videos I’ve taken on a couple of my previous cruises…

This is a panoramic view of the beach at Las Hadras Resort in Manzanillo Mexico from our cruise on the Sapphire Princess. Most of these people are our friends from the Cruise Critics Forums. This was a really fun resort.

Some of our group dancing poolside at the resort... we spent time at both the beach and the pool. The pool was really fantastic... swim up bar, underwater lounge chairs... great music and great food.  What fun.

Karen talks with a local parot at La Perla in Zehuantaneo, one of our all time favorite destinations.

This is a wild train ride we took on our Alaskin cruise. If you ever get a chance to ride the White Pass & Yukon Train ride in Skagway it's well worth the trip.  Lots of history and a guide tells you about everything on the trains speaker system.

This is a video from our Alaskan Cruise.  More Alaskin cruise videos on the site.

I think that is enough cruise videos for the time being anyway. 

Happy cruisin...