Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean – Let the Fun Begin!

Well, in the not to distant future Kathy and I will be headed out on another cruise to the Eastern Caribbean for some summer fun in the sun. We will be on the Carival Dream this time and our first port of call will be Nassau. We’ve been to St. Thomas, and St. Maarten, but never Nassau, and we always like to see new places.

Kathy has been putting together a roll call of the people going on that cruise. It’s at http://www.cruisingonadream.com/. The reason we are going is that there is a group of us who met in a cruise critics roll call ended up having such a good time that every once in a while we all get together and take a cruise somewhere… this is one of those cruises.

One of these days I’d like to get my twin brother John to go on a cruise with us. He thinks we are sissies for going on cruises… he likes to do things like hike through the Himalayas in mid winter for entertainment. He just started up a new blog about funny pictures. If anyone is interested in seeing some pretty funny photos check it out at Funny Animal Pix

In anticipation of our upcoming Caribbean cruise I was browsing through the photos of our last cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and some of the photos are interesting. Thought I would post a few… maybe remind our friends that aren’t going on the next cruise what great times they will be missing out on.

The cruise critics group had a theme for this cruise... Yes, a Pirate Theme.

This is the sail-away party that our little group had

Ricci the blow up doll came along on the cruise...

And this is Francesca, Ricci's significant other. 

Fraqncesca wanted to try on the pirate hat!

One of the sea days... Always something going on up on deck...

Hi Steve!

A beach on St. Maarten

Shopping on St. Maarten  Kathy did buy the dress.

Some of the native wildlife on the cruise... These I think are cougars...