Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ancient Pompeii - A Must See For Any World Traveler

Ancient Pompeii must have been something to behold.  The ruins at Pompeii are truly amazing.  And I'm not talking about the plaster casts of the dead people and animals that are the trademark of Pompeii so-to-speak.

The technology they had several thousand years ago was pretty amazing. We visited the home of a wealthy citizen of Pompeii, and the house was large and ornate to say the least.  Beautiful fresco's on the walls of the rooms.  Fountains in the gardens fed by lead pipes. The pipes even had shut off valves

There was a brothel with the various sexual positions carved into the walls. We were told that most of the prostitutes that worked in the brothels were foreign and hence the carvings.  The customer could just point at what he wanted. LOL

Pompeii has public baths, public fountains, and bakery's with brick ovens. There are deep ruts in the streets from the chariot wheels. 

In those days the streets were full of raw sewage, and every so often you can see very tall stepping stones leading across the street and the side walks are very tall as well. This is so you did not have to walk in raw sewage.

One of the many plaster casts of the victims of the Mount Vesuvius Eruption

Another of those casts....

Street scene in Pompeii... see those stepping stones?

The inside of one of the rooms of a wealthy man's home in Pompeii - Beautiful fresco's on the walls.

The trip to Pompeii was definitely one of the best shore excursion I've been on. There is a bit of walking, but hey... I can still walk at this point. 

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