Sunday, September 6, 2009

We're Sailing - Embarkation

Embarkation Day

All in all, a good start to this cruise. We set the alarm for 7a.m. which is actually quite late for us on a day that we are traveling to a cruise (by air or car) but the alarm actually was needed to wake us up. Picked up Laureen and Phil and … well watched Bill fit together the luggage jigsaw puzzle in the back of the jeep (yes I do TOO need all those clothes and shoes , and so does Laureen!) The we were on our way.

I want to commend the auto industry as a whole for providing 97 different windshield wiper settings. I think I used every single possibility on the drive from Portland to Seattle. We passes through sunshine, mist, drizzle, sprinkles, intermittent showers and a few minutes of hang on I think I still see the road thought this deluge rain. Never a dull moment with this Pacific Northwest weather.

Did anyone ever mention that there is a LOT of traffic in Seattle? I think they may have understated it if you are cruising in the middle of a holiday weekend that features Seattle’s annual party called Bumbershoot. I don’t know much about this, but I can tell you it must be fabulous because the crowds were enormous and the traffic was, lets just say we could have walked from the freeway in the same amount of time. As we neared out turn at one intersection, Laureen said “ I wonder why they took you this way, it would have been much easier to come down Seneca to Denney and miss all of this” I will be asking for those directions on the way back.

I will say there were a good number of signs to the cruise terminal and they were designated Terminal 91 or Terminal 66. These made it quite easy to find the route. And we did eventually arrive at Terminal 91.

This was amazing! We drove up and I let everyone off with luggage at 1PM. I drove to the parking lot, parked the car, walked a short distance to the shuttle which left almost as soon as I boarded. Bill and I were at the top of the escalator by 1:15, on the ship by 1:35. We walked directly to our cabin and every piece of our luggage was already waiting for us, kudos to Terminal 91 and Princess. This was as easy as it come.

Since the luggage had arrived I unpacked and it was time for Muster Drill. Princess gathers all passengers in one of 4 inside muster stations which is nice on a cold day. I word of advice here, If you are going to either of the two non-theatre type seating lounges arrive early for a good seat close to the door, but if you are going to the Theatre or the Vista Lounge arrive at the last minute or you will be in the first row and it will take a while to get back to your cabin!!

Business taken care of and it was time to let the party begin!

More Later,


It's Finanly Here!

Good Morning.

Today we start our journey North to Alaska (that song will be in my head all day I bet)! Evrrything is packed and ready to go in the car. If I have forgotten it now, I will remind myself that we are not leaving civilization and if it is really really necessary there will be someway to replace it onboard or on shore. If I packed anything I don't need, we come on I am a woman aren't I ?

So after months of planning we are 45 munutes away from leaving the house to pick up Laureen and Phil, try and fit all our luggage in .. and its off to Seattle to start this adventure.

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