Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Happens When they Oversell a Ship ?

Good Morning !!

It is 4 days before the cruise and lots of last minute things to get done. It will all get done and we will have time to spare but it is about this time that I start to get a little panicky.

As last minute as it is, it appears Princess has oversold balcony cabins on this cruise and is making “move over” offers. In essence the offer is this

Move – over to any 2010 7-day Inside Passage sailings and receive :

** Second Passenger Cruise Fare Free
** Complementary upgrade to a Luxurious Mini Suite Stateroom
**Will cover Air Change fee up to $150 per person
**Princess Air will be covered
** LIMITED 2009 sailings still available.

Sounds good doesn’t it. But let’s look at it from our standpoint. The cruise is in 4 days (5 when we received the offer). Pet sitting is arranged, clients know I will be gone that week and have planned accordingly and we are driving to port with another couple. We specifically did not book a mini-suite on this cruise because they are either completely covered or completely uncovered and the balcony. What we did book is half covered and half uncovered (the best of both worlds). Oh and I mentioned we are driving so the third and fourth parts of the offer are not even a consideration. Perhaps the real key for us is that when we booked this cruise we booked it on a 2 for 1 special so essentially the second passenger is already traveling free. It was pretty easy to turn this one down.

You hear a lot about really fabulous move over offers and actually they will probably keep upping the ante on this one until they get the number of cabins that they need because once you are booked you are guaranteed a room (unless there is some extraordinary reason like the cruise isn’t sailing) and each offer should be evaluated in light of your particular situation, but I am ready for vacation Now and I already have a 2010 cruise booked so this one was not for me.


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