Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes, was there ever a woman that had enough shoes or the right shoes to go with every outfit? Personally I think that is a figment of some husband’s imagination. It will never be observed in real life. Now, compound that with the need to pack the appropriate shoes to take on a cruise, and the order of magnitude of the problems shoots through the ceiling.

One must be able to easily go from poolside to shore excursion trek to dining and even on a couple of nights to formal dining. Then, of course, one would not be wearing the same outfit to dinner every night would one ?? This leads to the very real need for multiple pairs of shoes because the shoes absolutely must complement the outfit of the moment. (You weren’t planning to wear the silver sandals with the gold beaded champagne gown as well as the stunning rhinestone decorated red, were you ?) Well, you can easily see that packing shoes becomes a logistical challenge.

Women are uniquely equipped to meet that challenge. It is really pretty simple, just line up all 47 pair of shoes, get out one more suitcase, smile sweetly at the husband and remark, lets see you will need your tux shoes and which other pair are you taking ? Put all shoes in the suitcase and add it to the stack that he will be lugging to the port and home. Do not forget to mention how wonderful it is to cruise and not have to deal with luggage during the

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