Tuesday, September 8, 2009



We docked in Ketchikan at 5:30 AM and I know this because I was up taking pictures of the downtown as we sailed passed on our way to Dock #3. There was a NCL ship in dock #4, the Veendam was in Dock #1 and to Cruise West ships were in Dock #2. A full day for the merchants here in Ketchikan.

Just one teeny fly in some cruisers ointment. It is pouring down rain and in the low 50s. Yellow was the color of the day on the streets and umbrellas vied for space along the walkways. Being the hardy PNW type that we are, off we went to explore as far as my feet would allow.

I must say we haven’t actually seen Russia yet but we can tell we are getting close because every shop seemed to have Matreshka Dolls, reproduction Fabrege Eggs , amber and Russian fur hats. Well, I shouldn’t say every shop. I doubt they had them in Diamonds International, Tanzanite International or Del Sol (note I think Del Sol is particularly appropriate in a town that gets rain 240 days a year and that amounts to about 15 feet of rain we were told today).

There are some fabulous native art galleries and some wonderful native jewelry and I did not actually see anyone in DI or Del Sol or in fact any of the other chain jewelry stores.

Today was basically just a walk about tour of the town and then back to the ship. Ok, I did need to buy some mukluks but then I knew I would be doing that before we came so that is checked off the list now and in time to wear while watching the Tracy Arm Glacier in the Morning. Several excursions were cancelled due to the weather and lots of soggy people were re-boarding the ship but I didn’t see anyone in particularly bad temper from the weather so all is well aboard the Star.

We tried the sandwiches and salads (the shrimp is to die for) at the International CafĂ©. While we were there having a bite to eat, a “street performer:” entertained in the Piazza. He was spinning and balancing a huge steel framework cube. Very impressive, particularly when he took off his shirt and did some remarkable hand stands!! What a fun thing we will watch for more “street performers”

Now it is almost sail away time and time to watch the scenery in the Clarence Strait as we head toward Tracy Arm and then Juneau tomorrow. It will be a long day so some down time is a good idea!!!

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